For each bag sold, we plant a tree by International Tree Foundation

How Planting Trees Help

Research shows that in 10 to 20 years, 
more than half of the coffee will disappear from threats from human encroachment and deforestation. Climate change is happening, 
and the coffee you drink is already affected. 
Although the demand for coffee is increasing, 
the required area of production will decrease by 50%.

Temperature also has a direct impact on 
the flavor of the coffee.
In cooler temperatures, beans mature more slowly, 
resulting in more complex flavor elements. 
Coffee matures too fast at higher temperatures, 
reducing its flavor profile. resulting in bitter and bland flavor.

Arabica, the most popular type of coffee, 
is already on the list of endangered species.
Additional research shows that in as little as 60 years,
arabica coffee could become extinct.
Which means bye-bye to good tasting coffee.

We love coffee and I'm sure you do too, it is the daily component of our lives. It is terrifying to think that we won't be able to drink our favorite morning go-to.

Trees contribute to this issue and global warming.
 take carbon dioxide (CO2) 
out of the atmosphere to do photosynthesis, 
thereby helping to reduce the global warming of
While providing shades, which helps the soil retain moisture rather than drying out, and thereby supports fertile agriculture. 

So we at Olive's Coffee decided to take some initiative. For every bag, we'll donate enough for 1 tree, and this will be fulfilled by the International Tree Foundation. We need your help to benefit and prolong our coffee journey by planting a tree! With the help of the International Tree Foundation, We'll be helping to plant 20 million trees for Kenya’s forests.
(P.S. coffee in Kenya tastes super good)


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