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Happy Halloween!

As you know it is that season of the year, the spookiest, the scariest.
So we blended up some high-quality coffees together, and made this masterpiece of a coffee!
This coffee is the darkest and the boldest coffee that we offer!
Flavor notes such as rich dark chocolate, caramel sweetness, and spicy taste of nutmeg and cinnamon!


The recipe for this blend came from an idea of "spice" since October is all about that spicey flavor! 
We noticed that roasting the Ethiopian Gera dark would result in a pretty cinnamony nutmeg-like taste rather than a berry! 
Plus the sweetness of Kenyan, a slight bit of fruit shows on the roast when roasted dark but most importantly the caramel-like sweetness.
As the base Guatemala was the must, the rich chocolatey mouthfeel with also cinnamon flavor was what made this blend what it is.


We only have a few in stock, so try it before it's spooked off!


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