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Top 5 Tastiest Coffee Origin

Each originvariety, and roast has its unique flavors, body (mouth-feel), acidity, and so on.
This is top 5 list voted by our community's coffee snobs and enthusiasts.


5. Indonesia
Renowned for its heavy mouth-filling full-bodied texture and distinctive earthy flavors, Indonesia is definitely one of the best coffees to enjoy for everyday drinkers! Indonesian coffees are also included in many favorite house blends.
As noted earlier, the coffee of this region boasts earthy flavors, but there are also number of other flavors found in this region
such as deep dark chocolate, tobacco, and spices that are highly sought after in blend.

"Coffee from this origin is very versatile and easy to brew" - Joffrey


4. Brazil
One of if not the largest exporter of coffee is from Brazil, and for a good reason. Its mild flavor and low acidity make it so it's not overly bitter even being roasted dark, it helps to balance the intense flavor of other sources by blending, making Brazil excellent for espresso blends.
Flavors such as nuts, milk chocolate can be found in this region.

"I have had a newfound love recently for Brazilian" - James


3. Kenya
The most exotic tasting coffee comes from this regionKenyan coffee is the densest that means it packs the most flavor than any other origin. The acidity and flavor can be very overwhelming so it may not be your go-to coffee every morning.
Extreme flavors such as tomatoes and spaghetti can be found in this region, most of the time these flavors confuse the drinker.
More pleasant flavors such as lychee, black currant, floral, citrus and grapes are popular with coffee enthusiasts all over the globe.

"Kenyans are wonderful but the acidity might be too overwhelming for normal drinkers!" - Sam


2. Colombia
Best known for being smooth and easy to drink most will appreciate as an easy daily wake-up coffee, looking forward to its sweet, chocolate-like flavors with a hint of fruity notes remaining the mouth with a delightful caramel-like flavor.
demonstrating it's wealthy and profound flavors such as honeydew, sweet fruits, and maple syrupy mouthfeel,
giving a bright and vibrant brew.

"Very juicy and jammy, also widely available at any seasons" - Chav


1. Ethiopia
The place where coffee was first discovered by goat, where coffee cultivation began, 
and thousands of natural varieties are found in Ethiopia, all started from here, 
beans are grown in higher altitudes-like those grown in mountain farms in Ethiopia grow slower, adding more nutrients to each bean as they become dense and flavourful.
The flavor varies from different processing methods, 
the most common type of method is the washed process resulting in fruity, floral taste and bright and sweet cup-
natural dried process having more thickness and more special berry-like flavor.

"If you'd like something truly special, go after natural processed Ethiopian coffees" - Giovanni


Tell us in the comments which are your favorite!


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