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Where does your coffee come from?

All coffees come from the farm, where else? Coffee isn't magic beans that fall out of the sky! And guess what? Coffee bean is actually a seed, and the color is green.

Farms determine the potential flavor of a coffee, which varies with location, season, and farming practices. After the coffee cherries fully riped, they undergo a [curing] process, such as naturally sun-dried, washed, or honey/pulped processed. each method affects the coffee's flavor and body in different ways.

As an example here we see what's called a "natural process" in which the coffee cherries are left open to dry, this process usually offers thicker flavor such as blueberry, strawberry jam.


After harvest and process, we buy these green coffee beans. This average green coffee smells grassy, good ones smell chocolatey, the best ones smell like grapes, berries, fruits! This green coffee has so much potential!


It is our job to get as many potential flavors out of the bean without off-flavors*. We develop the roast as far as possible without compromising flavors! We try our hardest to adapt to different farms, locations, density because of all of these variables are crucial for roasting!



After farmers, provide the beans and we bring out the flavors by roasting to perfection, your role is to brew the coffee. This process is critical because it is realizing the potential of the roasted beans to the cup. Brew it perfectly and enjoy the best cup of coffee you've ever had.

Finally, enjoying should be the most important part of this process. What is the purpose of good coffee if you don't enjoy it? People boast their preference for black coffee (no sugar or milk) while unknowingly drinking coffee that is bitter and stale. Stepping into the world of flavors and richness of Olive’s Coffee is an experience in itself, and you’ll be surprised that you’ve been missing out on the true potential of coffee.

Thank you, and hope you know where that liquid in your mug comes from!


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