For each bag sold, we plant a tree by International Tree Foundation


We at Olive's coffee believe that you should choose carefully when it comes to a product that you consume every day.

Demand for coffee keeps growing. To counteract this, the industry produces massive amounts of coffee each year, neglecting quality to the point of removing coffee's natural flavors that farmers worked hard for.

Our philosophy stands up against this dangerous trend. Olive's will always focus on quality and keep improving each and every day to serve you the best coffee you wished for. To us, coffee is something more than just a caffeine. It is a craft. ​ You will not regret drinking good coffee.


Our Coffee

Our roasted beans are shipped FRESH to order. We roast them and send them off within 24 hours, so you will receive the coffee at its PEAK condition (flavor is at it's peak when it gets delivered). It is guaranteed fresh. If the roast date is off longer than a week, we'll send you a new one for free, shipping included!

We use higher grade coffee than other roasters. Coffees are graded based on taste and defects. Each morning we cup the batch to ensure the best quality coffee has been sent.

In a small batch, the roaster has full control of every variable. Our roasters make sure to obtain the perfect roast graph every time (you may ask for the batch graph if interested).

Our community is full of friendly, industry-experienced coffee lovers who have been tasting, making, serving, and roasting coffee for years and years. We strongly ask for any criticism and compliments you have for us, because without your help we wouldn't be able to fix or change things for the better.

We currently offer email benefits so you can stock up on points, get cool perks, and receive free coffee! :)


Our Process

It all starts with you. Thank you for being interested in our small shop!
We carefully pick the freshest coffee before uploading it to Olive's
After ordering we roast the day after or even the day of the order! (if timed right)
Soon after roasting we cool down the roast, then ship.
We use a degassing bag, which lets the gas out. Meaning coffee will be fresh for longer!
After short waits, you get to enjoy the coffee.
Every sip is filled with joy! 


Fast shipping, usually takes around 2 or 3 business days to arrive to your door fresh!

More information at shipping policies.