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Kenya AA+

Kenya AA+

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a very fruity and juicy cup, Kenyans are well known for these traits.

The cup develops as it cools down, so it might be perfect for iced drinks!

AA is the top grade based on screening. After grading, the quality distinction "Top" or "Plus" indicates that a minimal number of small defects were allowed, as long as they have no effect on the cup.


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As soon as we get the order, we roast it and ship it (weekdays).

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Flavor Notes

Tropical, grape, citrus, caramel.

If you like juicy coffees or bright coffees this is great!


Murang'a is considered the traditional home of the Kikuyu tribe, which currently makes up 22 percent of Kenya's population. The area's beautiful red, loamy soil and startlingly high altitudes contribute to a juicy, berry-forward cup. These coffees are typically grown between 1,350 and 1,800 masl. Very high-quality coffees often derive from small co-ops and may be auctioned as separate lots.

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